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Deposit & Payment Policy

The dollar amount equal to 2 services will be paid before services are rendered. The deposit will be held open on the customer's account and applied to the customer's final invoice. 

  • One time customers: Service will be paid in full before service is rendered.

  • On larger services a 75% deposit is due before the job will be scheduled. The remaining 25% is due upon the final walk through with the customer.

  • Invoices are mailed on the first of every month.

  • Invoices are net 10. Invoices will incur a 10% late fee if not paid before 30 days of the invoice date.

  • Services will be put on hold for customers whose balance is less than the dollar amount equal to 2 services. The customer's services will resume when the balance is paid in full or at Grassworks' discretions.

  • A one time clean up fee may be required before your lawn can be properly maintained.

  • 10% Senior Citizen discounts available

  • We also offer discounts for prepayment arrangements

  • We require a deposit of two mows before services will be rendered. Your deposit will be placed in an account and will be applied to your last invoice.

  • We do not offer bi-weekly services.


Our commercial mowers allow us to give a quality cut in light to moderate rain for extended periods of time. In the event of constant heavy rains or thunderstorms, we will mow a day ahead or use Saturday as a make up day.


If interested in any service, please request a free estimate by clicking the star below.

We will get in touch to set up a meeting and to schedule the services.

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